A Little Less Conversation

Our latest series, Conversations on Climate Change and Development, has aired! Listen to the full series now.

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  • Episode 10 A Little Less Conversation, with David Higgins
    • 13 February 2024 - 53 minutes
    This 10th and final episode of A little Less Conversation is one that is both reflective and future facing. If you’re looking to know more about the outcomes achieved at COP28, the architecture of the loss and damage fund and Australia’s climate finance ambitions and commitments more generally, you’ve come...Listen now
  • Episode 09 A Little Less Conversation, with Carolyn Kitione
    • 5 February 2024 - 38 minutes
    Climate change is impacting society in a myriad of ways, yet some groups are experiencing these impacts disproportionately. In this episode we take a deep dive into gender, youth and elders in the Pacific; How are they experiencing climate change? What are their priorities? and What does effective climate leadership...Listen now
  • Episode 08 A Little Less Conversation, with Senator David Pocock
    • 28 January 2024 - 36 minutes
    In a short time in the federal Parliament, Senator David Pocock has made a name for himself as someone willing to speak out on the big issues on behalf of the people most affected. These include taking on the Government over fossil fuels, climate change and other issues including cost...Listen now

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