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  • Fiona Tarpey and Chris Roche – Does COVID19 mean the end of the aid and development sector?
    • Published: 29/03/2020
    • Duration: 00:40:47
    Welcome to Episode 71 of Good Will Hunters from the Development Policy Centre. This episode is focused on the impact COVID19 will have on both developing countries and the aid and development sector. This week, I spoke on ABC’s Radio National Saturday Extra Program, on the topic of the Pacific...Listen now
  • Radhika Coomaraswamy – Does the ‘Women, Peace and Security Agenda’ need to get real?
    • Published: 22/03/2020
    • Duration: 00:31:57
    Welcome to Episode 70 of Good Will Hunters from the Development Policy Centre. Today’s guest is Radhika Coomaraswamy. Radhika is a Sri Lankan lawyer, diplomat and human rights advocate. She has held a range of appointments within the United Nations, including as Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict from...Listen now
  • Mark Sullivan – How do you develop a pharmaceutical drug for a neglected disease?
    • Published: 15/03/2020
    • Duration: 00:36:45
    Welcome to Episode 69 of Good Will Hunters from the Development Policy Centre. Today’s guest is Mark Sullivan. Mark is a drug development expert and the founder of Medicines Development for Global Health ( Along with his colleague John Reeder, Mark was featured in the Development Policy Centre’s Aid Profile...Listen now
  • Sally Lloyd – Drought, Healthcare and Life in PNG
    • Published: 11/03/2020
    • Duration: 00:34:27
    Welcome to Episode 68 of Good Will Hunters from the Development Policy Centre. Today’s guest is Sally Lloyd. Sally was featured in the Development Policy Centre’s 2019 Aid Profiles, and was shortlisted for the 2020 Mitchell Humanitarian Award. Cleo Fleming documented Sally’s life in Mogulu, PNG, as part of the...Listen now
  • Lant Pritchett – Good Intentions, Good Policies, Bad Outcomes
    • Published: 01/03/2020
    • Duration: 00:41:38
    Welcome to Episode 67 of Good Will Hunters from the Development Policy Centre. Today’s guest is Lant Pritchett. Lant is described as a ‘Rock Star’ of the aid world. He is an American development economist, famous for challenging contemporary beliefs on development. Lant recently spoke at the Australasian Aid Conference,...Listen now
  • Virisila Buadromo – Fiji, Human Rights and Climate Change as a Vulnerability Multiplier
    • Published: 23/02/2020
    • Duration: 00:41:44
    Welcome to Episode 66 of Good Will Hunters, from the Development Policy Centre. Today’s guest is Virisila Buadromo. Virisila is a Pacific feminist and political activist, who co-leads the Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights for Asia and the Pacific, which is a rapid grant making facility to support...Listen now
  • Eric Peck – Revolutionising Access to Healthcare
    • Published: 26/01/2020
    • Duration: 00:40:07
    Welcome to Episode 65 of Good Will Hunters. In this episode, I’m chatting to Eric Peck, the Co-Founder and CEO of Swoop Aero, a company revolutionising access to healthcare, by providing on-demand aircraft, or drones, to deliver urgent medical supplies to rural and regional areas. They’re currently deployed in Vanuatu,...Listen now
  • Rosemary Addis – Quarterly Impact Investment Masterclass
    • Published: 18/01/2020
    • Duration: 00:49:57
    Welcome to Episode 64 of Good Will Hunters, our Third Impact Investment Masterclass with Rosemary Addis, and the fourth time we’ve had Rosemary on the show. Rosemary is one of the world’s preeminent impact pioneers. She has helped to shape the system to deliver innovation and investment that benefits people...Listen now
  • CONFERENCE EPISODE: Monitoring and Evaluation with Rachel Mason Nunn, Stephen Howes and Georgie Camp
    • Published: 12/01/2020
    • Duration: 00:47:42
    Welcome to Episode 63 of Good Will Hunters, recorded at the Pawa Liklik NGO Forum in October 2019. I’m loving the opportunity to air these episodes from the Forum with you, as we confirm our interview line-up for the coming months. We’ll also be airing two new interviews before the...Listen now

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