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Leading Communicators in the International Development Sector

We are a media and communications agency, specialising in supporting the international development sector. We bring over a decade’s worth of expertise in the field as communicators and marketers. Through this lens of knowledge and experience, we have the unique ability to determine what ethical communications and marketing means for the sector. In addition, we bring an in-depth understanding of industry standards, which is embedded in all of the services that we provide.

Our Clients



Rachel Mason Nunn, CEO

Rachel is a social development specialist, anthropologist, podcaster, public speaker and experienced strategist and thought leader. Rachel launched Good Will Hunters in June 2018, out of a desire to explore how the not for profit sector can become more sustainable, innovative and collaborative by partnering with the private sector and conversely how the private sector can play a more meaningful role in social impact and international development.

Rachel is a widely respected voice on social change and international development, having worked alongside government, the private sector and the not for profit sector in Australia and throughout the region.

Rachel holds a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development, a Degree in Political, Economic and Social Sciences and has studied in both Australia and India, including at the prestigious Tata Institute for Social Sciences.


Arieta Rika, Communications and Marketing Manager

Arieta is a writer, cultural advisor, Pacific storyteller, and the Founder of Talanoa, a digital space for Pacific people to share their stories. With over 10 years of experience in social impact and non-profit communications across Australia and the Pacific, Arieta has dedicated her career to writing for positive change.

Since founding Talanoa in 2015, Arieta has collaborated with government, organistions specialising in international development, local non-profits, technology-based agencies, and news platforms as a lead writer, cultural advisor, and co-creator of Pacific-based programs. As a writer, Arieta’s work has been published by major news publications internationally, particularly across the Pacific. At the moment, Arieta is an online student at Western Sydney University, completing a Bachelor of Communications.

Arieta joined the Good Will Hunters team in February 2020 and is passionate about the purpose of Good Will Hunters, as well as expanding the podcast’s reach, and growing an actively engaged online community from across the globe.

Cameron Young, Content Editor

Cameron is a political and economic analyst specialising in emerging markets, international aid, and the Pacific and South-East Asian region. Cameron is passionate about discovering the innovative strategies that are encouraging positive socioeconomic outcomes in communities around the world. Cameron joined the Good Will Hunters team in April 2020 to examine these strategies and to highlight the thought-leaders and game-changers who are behind them.

Throughout his career, Cameron has conducted domestic and international development research by working with State Government, industry-leading academics, and Non-Governmental Organisations as a policy writer and researcher. Cameron has also contributed to community outreach and development in India, assisting in the delivery of vital education and health resources in rural areas. Currently, Cameron is a manager at the Sydney Opera House, one of the world’s leading art institutions, collaborating with storytellers and artists to inspire creativity, leadership, and action.

Cameron holds a degree in International Relations and Political Economics, has written a thesis on contemporary aid strategy, and has completed studies in socioeconomic research at the renowned Tata Institute for Social Sciences in India and the esteemed University of Bologna in Italy.

Dr Ishani Kaluthotage, Content Editor

Dr Ishani Kaluthotage is a medical doctor working at Cairns Hospital passionate about global health and humanitarian medicine. She graduated from Griffith University in 2018 with a Masters of Medicine. Ishani is currently completing her Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine at James Cook University and studying Tok Pisin at Australian National University. She has extensive volunteer experience in health care and promotion, human trafficking and sustainable development projects in Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Tanzania and Papua New Guinea. She has developed a strong relationship with PNG as a volunteer doctor and as a medical educator through Queensland Rural Medical Education and Kiunga Hospital, Western Province.  She is an associate lecturer at Griffith University and is the Australian-Papua New Guinea Liaison Officer for ‘Project Yumi – Bush Dokta’ –  an NGO improving access to health care and resources in rural and remote PNG. Her passion lies in health policy and minimising health inequalities in low resourced environments within the Indo-Pacific region.  Ishani joined the Good Will Hunters team in April 2020 to examine and raise awareness of the current global health security and public health challenges within the Indo Pacific region and analyse Australia’s role in helping overcome these challenges.